Kim Jensen

Software Engineer


I'm a Danish citizen born in Roskilde in 1971. Currently, residing in Munich, Germany with my girlfriend and our two wonderful children. I am working as Senior Consultant and Java / JavaEE & Database Expert for secunet Security Networks AG since 2008, with primary focus on backend services for the German Tax System.

From the beginning of my studies at the Technical University of Denmark, and through a large part of my professional career I have worked as a volunteer for IAESTE. Initially just with the Danish National Committee, but later also as responsible for the International IT, where I helped build most of their systems such as the Alumni system, public website, e-mail systems and their IntraWeb.

I liked working for IAESTE, as it allowed me to spend time developing systems, which took advantage of the latest technologies - yet was not just a desk project but something that someone relied on as part of their daily work. However, as the IAESTE systems were not really useful for anything else, it was wonderful to start a new project in the Autumn of 2016. The idea had been looming for years, but having attended JavaOne in San Francisco that year, I simply jumped into it. I bought a new domain, and started developing my new project, CWS - Cryptographic Web Store.

The purpose of CWS was to have a small JavaEE Application, which would allow people to communicate and safe data encrypted. The System is completely Open Source with a public API, allowing it to be deployed in any environment from embedded systems to large scale Cloud Systems. First version was released in 2018, version 1.1 in 2019 and 1.2 will be released in 2020, followed shortly thereafter by 2.0, which is a technology upgrade only.

Regardless of what I may otherwise do - there is and will always be two people who are the center of my attention, this is my two children Clara & Erik. Of course I have to thank my girlfriend for them. I was merely an assisting bystander to this wonderful thing that she created.

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