Kim Jensen

Software Engineer


CWS - Cryptographic Web Store

I love programming, standards and cryptography, so in December 2016, I decided to start a new Open Source Project, CWS - Cryptographic WebStore. The purpose of this project is to build a small, fast, clean and secure backend component, which can be embedded in other projects as a layer between the Business and Persistence Logic.

CWS is written as a pure Java EE 7 project - utilizing existing cryptographic operations available in Standard Java. The goal is to provide a way to share information between parties, with as much safety and security as can be mustered in an environment, where control over internal communication and database is left to the host or cloud service provider to control.

CWS is made Open Source using APLv2, using other Open Source technologies such as Java 8 & Java EE 7 as the basis. Hopefully this will strengthen the confidence in using this tool as part of the technology stack used. As it is written as a pure Java/Java EE Application, it can be deployed in a range of ways from embedded systems to Cloud Systems, it uses JPA as the database abstraction layer to also allow it to be used against any database that may be requested.

IntraWeb Services

IAESTE decided to move away from the services which I helped build, but rather than letting the project disappear, we decided to make it Open Source and publish it on Github. The project is scheduled to be completely removed from the IAESTE servers by the end of 2017, as it was decided by the President & Board that they preferred to rely on a commercial system rather than a volunteer driven system.

IWS has thus been mothballed, but as it did have a complete set of features ready, hopefully someone else will find it useful. It is written as a pure Java EE 7 Application, running under both Glassfish & WildFly.