Kim Jensen

Software Engineer


Key Qualifications
  • Highly experienced in designing, developing, testing and documenting software
  • Specialized in Internet Enterprise Applications and UNIX based development
  • Broad professional background combined with a passion for delivering intelligent and creative solutions to given tasks
  • Ambition to create light-weight, fast and scalable software
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Deep interest in security issues involved in software development
  • Proven ability to stay within strict deadlines
  • Strong sense of team spirit
Language Skills

Danish: Native
English: Excellent
German: Excellent

Professional Experience (Germany)
Secunet, Munich ( - Present

  • Jakarta EE Project; SINA Remote Admin Server
    • Role Software Architect & Lead Developer
    • Java & Jakarta EE based multi-threaded Administration tool
    • Allowing for customized scripting via a Groovy API
  • Java EE Project; ZObEL, central component in the German Tax system, Elster
  • Java EE Project; DÜbEL, ZObEL fork
  • Spring Project; EBER, central component in the German Tax system, Elster
  • Java EE Project; CryptoCore, Crypthographical Framework
  • Java EE Project; CryptoService, CryptoCore frontend for Daimler AG
  • Administrate IBM AIX Server & IBM WebSphere Application Server 6
Cetelem, Munich ( - 01/2008

Software Engineer for Cetelem Dresdner bank in Munich, developing C++/Java software and Perl/Bash/PHP based tools

  • Developing Java/JSP using the Spring framework, running on a Apache/Tomcat platforms
  • Responsible for production services
  • Security auditing/enhancing systems
  • Developing data transfer/monitoring tools in Perl/Bash
  • Developing C++ and CORBA based services
  • Enhancing production, testing and development environment through documentation and scripting
  • Designing a Perl/Bash framework for scripting
  • Developing internal database tools in PHP
Yahoo, Munich/Frankfurt ( - 07/2005

Freelance Software Engineer for the Media Channel (Press Ticket/News/Calendar System) and Hotel Search System for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2005 and World Cup 2006 websites

  • Media Channel, PHP/MySQL/Jake based system for ordering tickets, news, calendar and information
  • Media Channel, Importing / exporting information in Excel files, using Perl and MySQL
  • Byrom, parsing XML/CSV data using Perl
  • Byrom, searching hotels and displaying information using Yahoo YSS (Yahoo search engine), PHP/Perl and Jake
  • Installing and maintaining production systems in multiple locations
Secunet, Munich (

Freelance Test Engineer for a C/Java based high-security product for smartcards on various Linux platforms

  • Configuration of various Linux systems
  • Testing the "Elster" project under various Linux systems
Ciao AG, Munich ( - 11/2004

Software Architect

  • Designing and documenting software for Ciaos internal systems, using PHP (PEAR) and UML
  • Designing and documenting an internal Application Server, complete with Single Sign On, Permission and Object History modules
  • Establishing Software Architecture Documentation routines based on Agile modeling
Siemens PTD, Erlangen ( - 06/2004

Freelance Software Engineer for their SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0

  • Setting up Windows based CVS services for the Eclipse environment
  • Developing Portal modules in Java, using Eclipse/CVS, for managing users and monitoring services
  • Working on security settings for the portal to allow external services to interact with the portal
  • Administrating Portals under both Windows XP/2003 and Sun Solaris
ITXperts GmbH, Munich ( - 09/2003

Contracting as Software Engineer, development and maintenance of various telecommunication projects, large backup systems and small projects using the C/C++/Java & Oracle/MySQL/Firebird RDBS

  • Developing a TCP based Master Election Protocol without broadcasting in C and a Firebird database interface for large inhouse storage project
  • Maintaining/updating their Sagitta project, a telecommunication project, originally written in Java/Oracle with a rewrite to C++/MySQL, prototyping in Perl
  • Porting Pthreads to SINIX-Z based on the PTH library to run Linux binaries on
  • Writing an SNMP Proxy server
  • Responsible for the server security and multirouted/multihomed network based on a Linux IPTables firewall
Professional Experience (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Astra Zeneca ( - 08/2002

Freelance Software Engineer, responsible for development and administration of medical websites

  • Development and maintenance using PHP/Perl and Oracle
  • Administrating/securing Linux servers (IPChains & SSH)
  • Developing and customizing an Intrusion Detection System with Snort, Tripwire, MD5 checks & logwatch
WM-Data ( - 03/2001

Software Consultant, specialized in Linux based solutions and C++/Java/PHP/Perl development

  • Telia, System Architect, Technical Project Leader and Lead Developer on their Oracle8i, Perl/PHP ISP portal
  • Unibank, Software Engineer on a Java/Swing project
  • Responsible for 'MinPC', a PHP/MySQL based web solution for 'Home PC' customers
Dan Net ( - 04/2000

Software Engineer for 'Industrilink', an EDI-Fact based B2B system, written in C++/Perl/Oracle7

  • Developing roaming technologies for mobile-phone payment systems
  • Documenting internal services using UML
DTV ( - 05/1999

Student aid at the Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark

  • Developing 'Universe', an EU based library project using Java/Oracle7
  • Developing Perl based tools for automating internal services
  • Installing, maintaining and auditing Linux servers
Ørsted Satellite ( - 08/1994

Student aid, developing a test interface to the Danish Ørsted Satellite

  • Creating a hardware interface to the Satellite
  • Programming interface in x86 & m68K assembly code to manage sending data at speeds up to 115.200 bps over an RS232 cable
  • Programming interface for testsystem
Other Relevant Experience
EDS - Encrypted Data Share12/2016 - Present

Open Source Project

  • Presented at BSides Munich 2018
  • Jakarta EE based Cryptographic Tool
  • Permits people to share data in an open, secure way
  • Open API, which will allow it to be used in a variety of ways
  • Version 1.0 was released in 2018
  • Version 2.0 is scheduled for Autumn 2024
  • Commercial support and help will be offered via SysLab
IntraWeb Services (IWS)06/2012 - 02/2016

Open Source Project

  • This was the backend part of the IAESTE IntraWeb from 2014 until 2017
  • The project was made Open Source in February 2016 and moved to GitHub
  • By having it on GitHub, it will allow all Client Developers to see everything, and even run a local instance
  • It is a pure Java EE based Application, running under JBoss/WildFly
  • Offers a open API with SOAP Based WebServices
  • Project was mothballed in August 2016, as IAESTE decided to move to a different system
IAESTE International ( - 02/2016

Volunteer, responsible for designing and developing IT services for the 80+ member countries

  • Designing and implementing their 4th generation IntraWeb Services, a Java/JEE based system that will act as backend system for both a new Web frontend and other clients that countries can implement themselves
  • Coordinating an International team of programmers and designers
  • Designing and developing web based system in PHP/Perl and PostgreSQL including authentication, authorization, groups, Calendar, Search, Content Management & File Archive system
  • Development of automation tools using XML and CSV for upload/download facilities in PHP
  • Training members in using the tools and services
UPL03/2001 - 01/2002

Preparatory and Masters Thesis

  • Developing a useful presentation language (UPL) with the purpose of dividing programming and designing in web based projects
  • Designing and implementing a template language (UPL)
  • Designing an API for interfacing the template language from other programming languages
  • Developing Wrappers for Java (JNI), Perl (XS) and PHP (Zend)